Specialist Work

Insurance work

As per the Vehicle Body Repairers Association, Its your vehicle and your choice where you have it repaired. The Office of Fair Trading, Association of British Insures and Financial Services Authority all agree that its your right to choose where your vehicle is repaired. Here at York Auto Body Shop we can fully manage your insurance claim and we will be working for you and doing what is is best for you and your vehicle. All we need is a claim or reference number and contact details for your insurance and we can deal with the rest. We can also offer insurance loss avoidance schemes if it is possible to keep your vehicle on the then we will sometimes your vehicle is worth more to you then what the insurance is offering if its a total loss.

Things to remember

You only need one estimate

You choose where the repairs are carried out don’t be bullied into using insures repairers if you don’t want to

Your are entitled to a suitable replacement vehicle if its not your fault

You are entitled to reimbursement of any financial loss if its not your fault

SMART repairs

Small to Medium Area Repair Technology is the process of repairing a car using specialized tools,paint and materials on a localized damaged area, without needing to repaint the entire panel. Often SMART repairs can be carried out in the day.

Lease, Hire, Company vehicles

When its the term for lease, hire or company vehicles which have excessive damage on them you can be hit with expensive and unexpected penalty charges. So whether its

paint work scratches


bumper scuffs

email, call or visit and we can give you a free estimate, also you can request a (BVLRA) Fair Wear and Tear Guide from the leasing company on what is and isn’t accepted when the term ends.